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Reported on: 10/18/2014

Stock: PVEC

Board: investorshub

Posts: 3487

Followed By: 32

Alias Born: 03/26/12

Boards Moderated: 0

Basher Confirmations: 333

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Name: David W Turner

Email: 400 NW 87 Lane apt 202 Plantation Florida

Name: He's full of Sh*t

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Last 25 Posts

Annual Report states intent "to reverse split common stock"2014-10-08 15:02:09
Still no Annual Financials filed for June 30,2014-10-17 09:30:20
And what are the individual tax consequences of2014-10-16 16:56:30
Annual Report is not the OTC Annual Financials2014-10-16 16:44:11
Annual Financials have not been reported. STOP2014-10-16 16:38:47
OTC has just placed a STOP on PVEC2014-10-16 12:07:31
And the time share business that was financed2014-10-15 13:50:47
Please provide any proof you have...2014-10-15 12:44:09
RE: Port of Palm Beach 2014-10-15 12:40:44
That Trademark Infringement is for the owner, the2014-10-15 11:42:29
And it is well known that the Celebration2014-10-15 11:38:51
Court Cases against PVEC and Peter are going2014-10-15 11:32:00
Resignation letter has previously been posted ... 2014-10-14 21:52:41
Creditors are a higher priority than shareholders in2014-10-14 21:47:47
Resignation letter has previously been posted ... 2014-10-14 21:39:38
I would suggest that the shareholders hold management2014-10-14 20:02:01
No, you cannot do anything about inquiries to2014-10-14 19:54:25
Is the MARAD bond and/or Financial Responsibility in place?2014-10-14 18:11:03
Remember, the INTENT TO R/S the Shareholders.2014-10-14 18:07:35
I guess your statement regarding the Texas Case2014-10-13 16:40:56
What financing are you aware of? No2014-10-13 16:28:31
RE: Texas Case2014-10-13 16:22:24
Has this been reported to the Federal Maritime2014-10-13 16:11:41
Peter has never kept his word on any2014-10-13 16:05:51

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