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Reported on: 07/04/2014

Stock: HHSE

Board: investorshub

Posts: 11792

Followed By: 48

Alias Born: 03/26/06

Boards Moderated: 1

Basher Confirmations: 356

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Last 25 Posts

Stock has been imploding on constant lies, again,2014-07-03 07:54:42
Expect tepid volume to continue on lower lows/highs.2014-07-03 07:48:24
Like the 5 year old audit, they will2014-07-02 07:47:01
Lower lows and lower highs have been confirmed2014-07-02 07:44:30
Clown show expanding into circus act:2014-07-01 21:07:22
Looks like the lil birdie gave us some2014-07-01 18:53:45
Too bad nobody does.2014-07-01 18:46:39
Oh, but, but, Ewic signed off on audit,2014-07-01 07:48:20
$500k worth of shares about to come off2014-07-01 07:39:11
Oh, so hhse has indeed terminated Hogan-Taylor's services,2014-06-30 13:33:08
Hogan-Taylor just resigned from another company for refusing2014-06-30 12:46:48
I'll take the word from someone who actually2014-06-30 10:37:20
Hogan-Taylor has had more than ample time to2014-06-30 10:30:19
They (mgt.) stated uplist by April 2nd at2014-06-30 10:20:31
MONDAY, JUNE 30, 2014:::: 2014-06-30 10:15:10
My account is green as well, and I2014-06-30 08:52:31
How the heck would he know if I'm2014-06-30 08:48:49
You got to be in to win.2014-06-30 08:46:51
I would query why 'f-bombs'* were being slung2014-06-30 08:15:05
How can they be factual comments coming from2014-06-30 08:10:15
Is VODWIZ now online? Link please, and TIA.2014-06-30 08:03:56
Most plausible and sensible theory I have yet2014-06-30 07:54:29
Who would the "real company" be? TIA2014-06-29 20:23:31
Didn't his career sort of spiral downward as2014-06-29 20:21:51
...based entirely and solely on opinion...2014-06-29 20:12:37

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