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I'll answer that... no, it does not includestock barber2016-12-12 23:09:19
We do not know the settlement details yet...stock barber2016-12-12 22:11:51
It is which side initiates the trade.stock barber2016-12-12 16:28:36
Someone trying to paint it down... probably thestock barber2016-12-12 15:56:51
They can't gag PACER...stock barber2016-12-12 14:47:14
It has to be an attempted block tostock barber2016-12-12 14:24:14
I suspect whomever has the 525k NITE orderstock barber2016-12-12 14:06:04
What happened to the photos they were supposedjugygales2016-12-11 10:44:13
Wednesday, November 30, 2016jugygales2016-12-10 15:31:28
Anyone good at TA was to comment on targets?stock barber2016-12-09 14:05:07
I didn't say that anyone was shorting...stock barber2016-12-09 13:49:46
It is looking like NITE may be caughtstock barber2016-12-09 13:21:09
While dated, this establishes JNSH's relationship with huge EVgo!stock barber2016-12-09 11:56:05
A penny would be hard to get nowstock barber2016-12-08 14:19:42
Or it could be his new scam andprmaniac2016-12-07 14:55:37
CDEL is on the bid at .008 asstock barber2016-12-07 14:26:04
I am actually quite excited about the coming week!stock barber2016-12-07 13:16:49
Why? Everyone who bought in the laststock barber2016-12-07 12:11:50
How is it disturbing exactly?stock barber2016-12-07 12:04:25
If there is a leak, I would suspectstock barber2016-12-07 12:02:48
I wonder if news on the settlement is leaking?stock barber2016-12-07 11:41:11
Good accurate post!stock barber2016-12-07 09:26:24
There is every reason for optimism here!stock barber2016-12-06 23:58:47
HHSE has made direct purchase agreements with three,jugygales2016-12-06 15:09:28
Many here are long term investors with nostock barber2016-12-06 13:19:15
NO HOP-ON NOT WORKING ON A PROGRAMprmaniac2016-12-06 12:50:24
HOP-ON TWITTER REVERSE SPLIT NEWS COMING?prmaniac2016-12-06 12:47:14
Just like the Hopeless Billionaire. Maybe itjugygales2016-12-06 11:39:09
OK, done!stock barber2016-12-05 23:24:56
Settlement update 12/02/2016!stock barber2016-12-05 23:23:40
You were referring to CCGI's ability to raisestock barber2016-12-05 23:07:02
I would also like to convey my genuinestock barber2016-12-05 22:07:40
I assure you that we have equal disdainstock barber2016-12-05 17:42:31
CCGI has a market cap of $21M instock barber2016-12-05 15:01:04
Would love to be a fly on thestock barber2016-12-05 12:23:32
The best part is that there are onlystock barber2016-12-05 10:01:35
When the settlement terms are known, I believestock barber2016-12-05 09:45:57
Actually HPNN is in terrible financial condition. Whyprmaniac2016-12-04 22:13:09
That isn't how the court system works... thisstock barber2016-12-04 20:12:23
Was 'Chosen' in any theatres this weekend?jugygales2016-12-04 11:09:47
Probably because it is a holiday month andstock barber2016-12-02 22:27:34
My belief is that they will definitely settle...stock barber2016-12-02 19:24:39
No problem.stock barber2016-12-02 19:19:45
It happened... finally!stock barber2016-12-02 19:10:15
How would moving a court time by 1stock barber2016-12-02 15:33:42
How do you mean?stock barber2016-12-01 18:29:07
Actually, the 1 hour movement could be meaningful...stock barber2016-12-01 17:51:56
"And we know no change how?"stock barber2016-11-29 11:58:42
Last week...stock barber2016-11-29 09:57:18
SS hasn't changed...stock barber2016-11-29 09:55:03
CCGI just announced a R/S and a planstock barber2016-11-23 12:59:34
Those shares were dumped yesterday. A whole 14prmaniac2016-11-22 17:13:17
"It’s time for CCGI to pay up. CCGIstock barber2016-11-22 09:54:09
6 remaining trading days until the next settlement hearing!stock barber2016-11-22 09:14:16
I think the failure to file is morestock barber2016-11-21 20:26:54
Petey tweeted about china, then remembered he likelyprmaniac2016-11-21 16:53:56
Yes, reverse split in the works?prmaniac2016-11-21 16:25:47
My guess would be OTCQB...stock barber2016-11-21 15:54:15
Only a few dollars left in the bankprmaniac2016-11-21 14:13:11
If anyone is interested, I just checked with Delaware...stock barber2016-11-21 14:07:34
I had a curious thought... stock barber2016-11-21 12:02:36
Hindsight vs. foresight!stock barber2016-11-20 20:39:56
"That’s the conclusion of a report by investmentstock barber2016-11-20 17:49:20
Mother goose not mentioned as an upcoming projectjugygales2016-11-18 14:36:13
Who cares?jugygales2016-11-18 10:53:22
"If I am allowed to share any partstock barber2016-11-18 09:08:39
The iBox/Intro is accurate and easily readable bystock barber2016-11-18 00:10:37
What is the benefit of discussing 100% hypotheticalstock barber2016-11-17 15:06:33
A continuance is a delay but it requiresstock barber2016-11-17 10:28:17
It was a continuance... stock barber2016-11-17 10:13:32
I sure hope so! stock barber2016-11-17 10:11:09
People have NO IDEA the impact the Boltstock barber2016-11-16 23:15:27
Everything that you request has been posted onstock barber2016-11-16 18:07:02
LMAO... are all the court documents false too?stock barber2016-11-16 17:38:47
Hop-On DTC Chill in place, confirmed by theprmaniac2016-11-16 14:31:43
Hop-On needs to dump hundreds of millions more sharesprmaniac2016-11-16 14:27:24
False financial info from Hop-On?prmaniac2016-11-16 14:18:31
Why isn't CEO-Bill-Wright filing SEC-Material-Event-8K's?milesblue422016-11-16 13:24:40
Any update on the pincher?jugygales2016-11-16 13:15:16
Still Zero United States Securities Exchange DISCLOSURE milesblue422016-11-16 12:03:50
Fins can come out any time.stock barber2016-11-16 09:38:38
I have found most media critics of electricstock barber2016-11-16 09:33:58
Yup... and then they got tied up instock barber2016-11-15 22:19:10
Pink Sheet Current:stock barber2016-11-15 22:10:36
Hop-On still can't conduct businessprmaniac2016-11-15 15:59:43
--Would Gary-F-Kimmons address every Escue issue raised?-- milesblue422016-11-15 07:57:44
The lawsuit has NOT been going on sincestock barber2016-11-14 13:55:10
Paging Gary F Kimmons..milesblue422016-11-14 01:04:25
"The number of charging sessions has increased eachstock barber2016-11-13 18:46:44
Tell that to Parki and Fred. Maybejugygales2016-11-11 12:45:33
With close to 7.5 billion outstanding and aprmaniac2016-11-11 12:10:11
1988-2016: Another Brand New Team...again? Huh? milesblue422016-11-11 09:13:58
Escue-CEO-Sohail-Quaraeshi connection to Gary-F-Kimmmons...? milesblue422016-11-11 09:11:05
JNSH is probably one of very few pinkstock barber2016-11-10 13:54:45
They didn't "dump" anything. Debt was paidstock barber2016-11-09 17:58:23
Licking my chops...stock barber2016-11-08 23:27:29
I will buy a TON more JNSH! stock barber2016-11-08 22:51:34
Buying or selling?stock barber2016-11-08 11:36:21
Sounds like it's right up hhse's alley thenjugygales2016-11-07 08:37:15