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if the patents and trademarks are legit herew6w9t8015
Nevada is nextw6w9t8015
a few delays but should hear about thisw6w9t8015
The value of TGGI's holdings have grown 3w6w9t8015
more news on the way next week otherw6w9t8015
good day herew6w9t8015
The value of TGGI's holdings have grown 3w6w9t8015
can someone post the document tksw6w9t8015
PATIENCE Matt did not pay to get tggi,sw6w9t8015
why Fridayw6w9t8015
getting closer to newsw6w9t8015
if this is all true this new entityw6w9t8015
can,t wait to hear who the next sub isw6w9t8015
tggis 63% ownership in bdci went upw6w9t8015
this could easily go over .05w6w9t8015
looks like merger is for real with bdci,w6w9t8015
if we get real news this flysw6w9t8015
news and this will movew6w9t8015
more subs on their way will they allw6w9t8015
TGGI will see an increase in value withw6w9t8015
we may see news on who the 2ndw6w9t8015
RMHB - So what is so great aboutjerseyfish
So what is so great about today, Friday?jerseyfish
RMHB is the Gate way to South Americajerseyfish
I can't but its very possible. Just supposejerseyfish
Based on what we see there is nojerseyfish
It ain't over till the fat lady sings jerseyfish
Yes I agree on the face of itjerseyfish
I am trying to verify a rumor ofjerseyfish
Understanding the AUDIT procedure.jerseyfish
HempLife Today to Add New CBD Gummies tojerseyfish
HempLife Today to Add New CBD Gummies tojerseyfish
I think that is obvious. I was tryingjerseyfish
This is in response to my E-mail sentjerseyfish
I was wrong about the S-1A filing. Itsjerseyfish
No I rather make a bundle then dojerseyfish
Its impossible to prove and its small potatoesjerseyfish
From what has already happened without news itsjerseyfish
This is setting up to run way pastjerseyfish
It appears to be the third S-1A filingjerseyfish
New S1-A filing dated today Feb 6. forjerseyfish
It is impossible to estimate where the pricejerseyfish
Depends on the news and the support. Thisjerseyfish
I sense .0005 by the end of thejerseyfish
RTON products are second to none. Their newjerseyfish
I am showing a bid = .0168 andjerseyfish
Could you use some extra money?jerseyfish
Could you use some extra money?jerseyfish
The place to be this week if youjerseyfish
The place to be this week if youjerseyfish
Word going around is for heavy action injerseyfish
Word going around is for heavy action injerseyfish
I heard a rumor that an announcement willjerseyfish
News is leaking out in dribs and drabs.jerseyfish
There is no way of knowing when thejerseyfish
POTN has performed exceptionally well. Because of thejerseyfish
Don't assume! It makes an ass out ofjerseyfish
Pennies can and are being shorted by investorsjerseyfish
Jan 31, 2018jerseyfish
Yes I think this stock will continue tojerseyfish
snakes and lattesjust-for-fun
Harleyman - exas has one very successful productjust-for-fun
Harleyman - good to see your still around.just-for-fun
NEW BLOG is outjust-for-fun
Might get a Blog update today or tomorrowjust-for-fun
Look at Earl's impressive resumejust-for-fun
Daisy Winters success blog is outjust-for-fun
Yeah she died and as expected I wasjust-for-fun
stockhunter - I'm heading out right now tojust-for-fun
5 showings tomorrow Regal 9 Santa-cruz. Notjust-for-fun
Are you sure about thatjust-for-fun
Your math is just wrong, 22 theaters injust-for-fun
Check again, looks over 100 to mejust-for-fun
New Blog is outjust-for-fun
Local news coverage of "The Riot Act" filmingjust-for-fun
NEW Nov 14th Blog is outjust-for-fun
"paint" the close, today ?????????just-for-fun
Did I miss this update ?just-for-fun
Blood Feast - NC17 is not the wayjust-for-fun
Has anyone had any contact with Eric orjust-for-fun
New Blogjust-for-fun
Who said Fred's wife traveled on HHSE's dimejust-for-fun
Yea I thought it was reported Fred wasjust-for-fun
NEWS Crimson Forest, Hannover House and Atlantic-Pacific Filmjust-for-fun
Claytrader would you like to introduce your followersjust-for-fun
Can you look at HHSE thanksjust-for-fun
Hey Clay look to HHSE for a greatjust-for-fun
Our real partner is CMC pictures and possiblyjust-for-fun
Thanks for sharingjust-for-fun
Has all of this been hashed over yet ?just-for-fun
Did anyone notify claytrader yet ?just-for-fun
The only wealth Eric and Fred have leftjust-for-fun
Pretty quiet board for a stock hitting ajust-for-fun
That's crazy, why would they think a Mandarinjust-for-fun
Management predicted " EXTRAORDINARY MISSION " would bejust-for-fun
Eric's entire wealth is his HHSE shares. Whyjust-for-fun
OMG what an EPIC week for HHSEjust-for-fun
Merriam-Webster Examples of epic in a sentencejust-for-fun